naturfolgend: “im sinne des menschen, unserer zukunft und umwelt”…

“naturfolgend: im sinne des menschen, unserer zukunft und umwelt”

You will find this phrase on the back of my cards. There is a reason why I use the German word naturfolgend and the subsequent qualifier…

Well, first of all I happen to be born and raised in Germany, but am Canadian by choice and proud of it. While I actually prefer English most of the time, I find every Human language [at least the ones I know] has characteristics that allow it to express certain things more comprehensively than others. It is common to look at French as the language of diplomacy, English as the language of commerce, Russian as language of mathematics and German either as language scientific or expressionist of ‘concepts’. German is good at expressing volumes with one word (note: ‘Gestalt’) or saying absolutely nothing in a page long grammatically correct sentence. Talking about concepts, my concept of bionomics goes beyond the mere definition of the word. And this is where the German language comes in handy. The bionomic ‘concept’ of doing things – “naturfolgend” – for the benefit of the ‘individual’  and all humanity in consideration of  and for our future generations, in harmony with our natural environment – taking lead from natural processes and their logic, applying sustainable sociological, psychological, biological AND technological parameters – for our benefit, ourselves, humanity as well as the future of this planet we live on so that all generations who follow us may enjoy the beauty and wealth of this planet = “naturfolgend: im Sinne des Menschen, unserer Zukunft und Umwelt” … As you can see the German sentence is a little more compact – for now at least…

“Naturfolgend” also embodies the very essence of why we should be extremely critical of anything to do with GMOs. – particularly those that ‘tinker’ with the very base of our own food pyramid – namely microbes and insects.

Maybe we could adopt “naturfolgend” as antonym to GMO into the English language?


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