bionomics?; bionomist; bionomic wastewater technology…


The word “bionomic” is a language derivative of two Greek words: βίος, bios, “life” and νόμος, nomos “custom”, “law”, “ordinance”.

Bionomics are therefore actions that follow nature’s principles. Bionomic energy system technology is a man made construct (technology) that harnesses biological principles and existing natural “modi – operandi” pathways for benefit.

Therefore, by definition:

A bionomist is a professional in the ‘discipline’ (a scientific disciple of) bionomics.

Where does this fit in?

Biology works everyday on this planet looking for new balances and equilibrium in response to the ‘problems’ we present.

There are several initiatives around the world that recognize the importance of working together with nature within the confines of natural biological sequences to optimize benefit not only for us, but also for the environment we live in.

The Ellenbach Foundation is one such non government privately funded not for profit organization dedicated to bionomic development. There are several benefits to take a bionomic approach whenever possible:

  • all benefits derived are truly ‘net’
  • biologically sustainable and fully renewable
  • solves anthropogenic problems
  • biological equilibria are stabilized in everybody’s favor
  • bionomic process technology does not require fossil energy input in order to function.

Where can bionomic process technology be applied?

While bionomic thought and technologies can and should be applied to all our interactions with thhe environment regarding food and waste ‘production’, the most urgent and easiest place to apply bionomic technologies, know-how and processes is in sanitation and human wastewater management in general.

Sanitation and wastewater is a tremendous problem in todays day and age, since demand increases directly proportional to our population growth. Existing wastewater treatment practices are based on hundred year old technology which has not been able to keep up with demand nor loads. Anthropogenic emissions into the environment are at an all time high and causing incredible eutrophication. It is only a question of time before we start to suffocate unless we dramatically change the way we do things.

The Ellenbach Foundation has technology, know-how and expertise that let’s us turn the wastewater issue to our favour using a truly bionomic process to capture and capitalize on the full resource potential of human community wastewater.




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