bring back the bees

Bring back the bees – a campaign started by General Mills, producer of Cheerios leaves me wondering about motive. General Mills is one of the largest producers of food and simple instinct leasd me to ask myself what their position on GMOs might be, since it is the genes used in making crops not only insect proof but also toxic to insects. It is these ‘effects’ of tinkering with nature, introducing toxic bacterial strains genetically into our food supply, which intended and designed to curb corn rootworm is actually at least partly responsible for the massive disappearance of bees in North America. – This while the corn rootworm is not only prospering, but has also adapted to now cross over into other crops… like that other industry favorite: soy….

Looking for a little background on General Mills, I found an article by Mike Adams titled:

“General Mills surrenders to GMO labelling, reluctantly decides to label foods but still believes in fundamentally deceiving its own customers”

My first impression of the “bringbackthebees” campaing was: “wow” – absolutely commendable that a food producer like General Mills has recognized that there is a problem with the bee population! That in itself might be a historic first, since other prominent members of the food industry either don’t talk about the problem or even recognize a problem. – GMO supposedly reduces pesticide requirements and only goes after ‘bad insects’ right?

The real problems caused by the current corporate industrial food culture we face every time we go grocery shopping  and try to do the right thing is complicated.

Personally I commend everybody who makes a conscious food choice at the grocery shelf in recognition that that one choice is often the clearest message to the industrial interests that control a large portion of our food supply at this time.

We all like images of the great outdoors with clean blue skies, clear water, bright sunny days and forests teeming with life.

Let’s try to remember a little of John Muir, when he said:

“Remember that any worm you might pull on, there is a whole planet attached”


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