…”There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual and with culture, and it will change the political structure only as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed, and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence”…
It really doesn’t matter where we look, what news we watch, which newspaper we read, radio station we listen to or mass media we prefer to socialize – we get the message:  we are at threat, our environment is at threat, and so forth… Seems there are threats everywhere…
Personally I think that hasn’t really changed very much over time. We do live however [still] in the information age, where the world has become as small as a smartphone.
I believe it is preferable to try to do something about the problems that are within our grasp to do something about – as we solve problems, our mood and disposition will improve and ‘threats’  – perceived or otherwise – will diminish or disappear altogether.
There is one topic, subject and theme that should very much concern us all while and because we want the best for our family, our children and ourselves: The [biological] bionomic environment we are all part of.
This weblog is dedicated to ‘musings’ about bionomics and “us”.
I look forward to hearing from you if you find something of interest, would like to know more or have questions.
Nils Semmler – April 2016


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