foundation for a transparent global republic : twitter

In the days of Plato, society was small enough for everybody to know everybody else, which made the Republic a natural and desirable form of government for the benefit of everybody. Today’s democracies,  because of size, often tend to behave similar to communism, in that they say they desire ‘equality for the masses’ yet once elected, politicians immediately start to behave as more equal than all others.

This makes all professed democrats and socialists highly suspect in my eyes.

IN THEIR EYES political correctness is more important than recognizing that under God – whichever God or Gods we may individually decide to subscribe to – all humans are created equal!  Granted, some may be more servant than others, BUT individuals, based on individual merits can always strive to improve themselves. This striving for individual improvement is anathema to “democratic thinking”, where everything needs to be democratically reduced to the lowest common democratic denominator.

Democratically elected democrats, liberals and socialists almost exclusively subscribe to this idea of largest common denominator and once  democratically duly elected democrats and socialists are the ‘majority’, it is highly unlikely for anything to get done that will actually benefit the advancement of our human species – never mind the rest of the planet. Democrats in their eternal belief of righteousness to be politically democratically correct – much like communists of past days gone by – “ensure” that the media have the correct information at the correct level of expertise available to report so that everything remains democratically equal.

Since the advent of the internet, we now have the capability to learn about and from almost any corner of the world! Apparently there are more than a few democrats, who are not particularly in favor of this free and instantaneous learning – for whatever reasons they may have….

Some internet sites have quietly disappeared, shut down, forced out of existence, etc.

And then ‘social media’ entered stage left!. Facebook, as one of the first, still has over a billion users today. That’s almost as many as Big Macs served by McDonald’s. Facebook is very democratic in its behavior – all members are very democratically sharing as equals what movies, music or latest picture is most embarrassing, although some members are very obviously sitting more on top of sugar mountain than others. Facebook is about as appealing to me today as Baywatch was in the eighties. – very little. Actually to be truthfully honest, Baywatch did have its moments, where Facebook does not even have those. Judging by scientific duration of ‘curious behavior’, individuals will realize, learn, get bored and move on – we now have google+, instagram, etc., etc., as virtual society evolves, so will Facebook go the way of the RAMAC….

TWITTER on the other hand, I perceive quite differently. Neither left, nor right, It is colour-blind, immensely “human”, with multiple palpable heartbeats, transparent and immediate in communication. It is about thought, consciousness and questions. This invariably and inevitably leads to the advancement of participants.

Extending Plato’s thoughts, we may finally have found the beginning of the road towards a Global Republic.

Thanks Twitter for being first and showing the way!


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